Syracuse Law Office

Legal Services

Criminal Defense

Our office is prepared to represent you, or your corporation or organization in Federal or state court in any type of criminal matter you may face. With over 20 Years in practice we have experience handling Felony, Misdemeanor trials and federal criminal defense,  including matters as serious as a murder case to the occasional annoyance of a speeding ticket.


With the changing laws and rules in New York for marriage and divorce, it is more important that ever to have a knowledgeable and capable lawyer to guide you through the process. If you find yourself deciding on a divorce our office will help you negotiate a resolution that allows you to move on with your life. Our legal advice is  practical and we make every effort to support your legal goals, including avoiding unnecessary divorce court appearances. We are always straight forward and realistic for our clients. We don't waste your money or time during this already difficult period.

Our office is LGBTQ friendly and we are happy to help any family planning their legal course prior to their marriage or when it is ending.

Our office is happy to go over the benefits of a pre-nuptial agreement prior to your wedding. Many people aren't aware that Planning for your marriage and being informed of your rights and responsibilities as you enter into a marriage is crucial to having a strong and lasting future together.

Family Court

Our office has extensive experience in Family Court dealing with child custody, visitation and child neglect matters and orders of protection. Having day-to-day experience representing both adults  and children in these matters gives our office a unique perspective and expertise many other attorney's don't have. There is nothing more important than the care and safety of your child. Let us help you navigate this difficult time and let your vast experience in family law work for you.