About Us

One of the most important things our clients have told us over the years is that they felt confident, empowered and informed while they are dealing with the legal system. The Syracuse Law Office has represented hundreds of clients in Federal State and local criminal cases, family Court matters and Divorces throughout the CNY area and beyond. Throughout the most difficult period in most people's lives we have been there to represent them and protect them from the many pitfalls of the legal process.

We work hard to educate and support our clients and advise them all along their legal  journey.  Our office is not hesitant to fight for our clients rights in court.  Often our client's objectives require negotiation and dialogue.  Our office is adept at mediation which can avoid unnecessary time in court for a speedy and positive outcome. Come meet with a member of our team, and learn more about what we can do to help you.

At the Law Office of Christina Cagnina we offer free limited in person or phone consultation for those looking to retain counsel.  We believe that confidentiality is of primary importance.

We are conveniently located above the Landmark Theater in the Loews Building at 108 West Jefferson street, Suite 300, Syracuse New York 13202. Just steps from Armory Square and the MOST Museum.